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The “It Girl” morning routine

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Have you ever heard of “The It Girl”? It’s the girl you can spot on Instagram, who seems to have her life together. Well… we all admire her, don’t we? We did some studying to find any commonality these “It Girls” have. Today we will share her routine and maybe you can implement some of it.

1. Wake up early. Set your alarm to around 6:00 or maybe even earlier to get the most out of your day. (Don’t forget to sleep in though)

2. Chug a glass of warm lemon water on an empty stomach, to detox and improve your metabolism.

3. Work out. Like many others we are guilty of not doing this one. But it’s alright, carve 10 minutes out of your day and do a little exercise or even meditate.

4. Eat a filling breakfast, having some fruits, protein, and a little bit of carbs. breakfast is one of the most important meals, so make sure you don’t skip it.

5. If you still have time before heading out, take some time to read a book or even the news. Keep yourself updated with what’s happening in the world. Or create a to do list for today, or even journal a little bit.

Now off to work or school….

As ideal as this sounds, we all know this requires effort and maybe for some lack of sleep. If you have been doing this morning routine or will try it out, great, go ahead. But if you are like most people, don’t worry implement one or two things into your morning routine, drinking a warm glass of lemon water is simple and doesn’t require much. Let’s start from there.


海外での流行の“The It Girl”聞いたことありますか?インスターやTikTokで良く見掛けられます。“The It Girl”はとても理想な子のため、彼女の様な朝生活スタイルを少しリサーチしました。5個のポイントをシェアしたいと思います。この中で1つでも、自分の朝ルーティーンにできたらと思います。

1. 早起き!めざまし時計を6:00にセットし1日をより多くやりたい事をやりましょう。



3. 運動!多くの人は運動したいけどしない、そう思いませんか?笑笑


4. 朝ご飯の時間!朝ご飯は1日のご飯の中で一番大事です。日本の朝ご飯は豊富でとてもヘルシーなイメージです! 必ずスキップしないように。

5. まだ家出る前にお時間有れば、少しの時間でもいいので、本を読む時間を作りましょう!ニュースや自分が興味あるトピックなど、クリエイティブのあなたはジャーナリングもおすすめです。


もちろん、こんな沢山の事を毎日出来るのはあくまでも理想です! 多くの人は出来ないと思うので、5つの中のいくつかをやってみようー

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