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Messy Hair Don’t Care

We‘ve all gone through it, waking up with our hair not corroborating. Basically a “Bad hair day”.

Don’t worry though…. We got you.

In Today’s post, we will share how we style our scrunchies to cover up your “bad hair day”.

The messy low bun

Pull out some hair around your face to frame your face, you can always lightly curls the pieces away from your face. We recommend our small size scrunchie and medium size, for this look.

Half updo knot

This little easy updo is one of our faves. Keeping your hair down to but the top part away from your face. best of both world, don’t you agree? For this hair style, depending on how thick or thin your hair is, pick either our small (thinner hair) or medium (thicker hair) scrunchie.

Classic Ponytail

Keep it classic! You can never go wrong with a low ponytail or even a high ponytail. Messy or sleek whichever it’s all part of your outfit and topping it off with a scrunchie is key. For this look we recommend our medium or large size scrunchies

High Top Knot

The high top not is for days your hair is out of control, take it all back wrap your hair with a elastic and top it off with a scrunchie. We recommend any sizes but for fullness definitely go for the bigger sizes.

The season is slowly changing, it is getting warmer so naturally we tie our hair more, so why not do it with style. Until next time:)

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