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The effort less look

You see them all over instagram, all the beautiful instagrammed with a hair clip. So of course we had to dedicate an entire blog post on inso to style our hair clips too.

*Scroll down for Japanese.

Before going to the different styles we wanted to quickly go over our clips we have in store.

  1. Our most popular hair clip is the Mariposa; she is a delicate butterfly shaped clip, perfect for half updos. We have four different colours at the moment.

  2. Our newest edition to our collection - The Diva clip. She is a beautiful statement piece. You can customise her to have whichever word/name you want. You can pick from 4 different colours.

  3. The Blomma - Perfect for spring, to get ready for spring we are currently offering 30% off (1,850yen, now at 1,295yen) what a deal!!

Now, depending on which hairlip you have, you can do different styles. Let's start with the easiest hairstyle.

1. The half updo - Use any of our clips for this look.

We love this look, it's an easy way to get the hair away from your face but still looking like you put at lot of effort into your hair. For more of a statement look, you can curl your hair (if not you have naturally curly hair)

2. The classy hair clip look - Depending on your hair type you can use all hair clips from our side. If you have thicker hair The Diva clip might be the best. For thinner hair all clips are suitable.

Perfect look to get your hair away from the face while looking chic. Many times we put our hair up in a bun, but let’s try with a clip.

3. The messy half updo - Use all our clips

This one is a recent discover but it looks so effortless and modern. Make a messy half bun, pull out some hair in the front to frame your face and your are done. For texture you can create loose curls.

Hope you found some inspo for how to style our clips. We also post inspo pictures on our Instagram story @nord.cph

Until next time…

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