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Welcome To Nord Copenhagen

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Hey Gorgeous, thank you for stopping by.

We are excited to announce our first ever website. We have worked day and night, to create a website that best describes our brand. We focused on easy navigation and entertainment, which is why we have added a blog. Our goal is for you to feel part of our Nord family.

On our blog you will find content about self care, fashion, lifestyle and much much more. We want to share behind the scenes of Nord Cph and of course sharing EVERYTHING about "Hygge" and the Danish culture of finding joy in the simplest things.

You can join our subscription and get a notification whenever we post a new blog post for easier access. Our Blog is for you who wants to learn more about the Scandinavian culture, for you who wants to read about fashion, for you who wants to find joy in the smallest things, for you who wants to become more confident, and for you who wants to be part of our little Nord family.

We are excited to have you on our journey.

See you in our next blog post....

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