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Let's start the year FRESH

Hello 2022! & Happy New Year to all of you <3

New year new me... We have all heard this saying, and we have probably all set the same tone for ourselves, haven't we? Well the new year is indeed a great time to start fresh and set new goals.

How many times have your new year resolutions looked like this?

If you are one of those who find this relatable, welcome to the club. Today we will go over how you can still create similar goals by being more realistic, and why we think setting realistic goals will be more beneficial for you.

We will share you our 2022 New Year Resolution Template, and we will also share some of our new years resolutions with you.

Let's Be Realistic

365 days, that's how many days you have to complete your New Years resolutions, and that is how many days you have to stay CONSISTENT. As the day passes we tend to forget our motivation and by the end of December, when we are reflecting back on the year we can only check off a few if any.

Most people lose motivation when things are unachievable, wouldn't you agree? That is why we need to make our resolutions realistic, it does not have to be 100% achievable, let's make stretch goals. Let's say you want to work out more, and last year you wanted to "workout everyday or 3 times a week" and you only found yourself in the gym once a week or perhaps never. Let's change that. Only you know what you are capable of doing, consider all factors; your personality, working hours, and how consistent you were last year. So instead this year you could do once a week, this is might also be a stretch goal for you, keep in mind you have to do this for the next 365 days that is approximately 52 weeks (meaning you need to go to the gym AT LEAST 52 times).

Why Will It Be More Beneficial

As we just mentioned your motivation is more likely to stay, if your goals are achievable. But to keep you going set your goals a tiny bit higher so you actually need to be doing something to achieve your goals. Track your goals and remember you can always adjust as you go along. If you were to adjust your goals mid-way through the year would you want to lower your goal? or increase the goal.

Nord Copenhagen's 2022 New Years Resolution

We want you to be part of our journey, so we are going to share our new years resolutions with you. We kept everything in mind and made it achievable yet they are all stretch goals so we will be working hard. Hopefully 6 months later we can adjust our goals slightly higher.


Now it's your time to make your new years resolutions. If you would like to share some of your goals for 2022, please tag us on your Instagram story/posts using @nord.cph

Of course you are always welcome to send a DM, and we can support each other throughout the year.

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